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Companion animals

Friendship of the little furry friends is stronger and unconditional than any other bond, making them companions for life. Thus, the philosophy behind Veko is giving the best healthcare to these selfless souls with products developed to the highest quality standards.

Our product range for companion animals includes Fleas and Ticks Treatment, Medicated Shampoos, Anthelmintics, Pain Treatment and Management, Antibiotics, Atopic Dermatitis, Ear and Eye Care.

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Cattle & Livestock

At Veko, we are totally dedicated in research and development of quality medicines for a variety of animals. For healthier cattle and livestock, we offer complete healthcare products to help the animals stay fit and your business in profit.

The products range from Anthelmintics, Ectoparasiticides, Udder Care to high quality Feed Supplement.

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Poultry care

At Veko, we are committed to development of medicines for poultry to protect them from bacterial diseases and parasitic infections. Take proper care of your poultry with our extensive range of products which include dosage forms such as Antibiotics and Antidiarrheals.

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Equine Care

Explore our wide range of health products for better equestrian health. Horses suffer from different diseases which can be age-related or due to infections.

Veko offers variety of equestrian healthcare products such as Anthelmintics, Antiulcerants, Nsaids, Bronchodilators and Antidiarrheals.

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Feed supplements are essential for proper and stable nutritional balance of farmed fish. Veko is involved in dedicated research and manufacturing of quality feed supplements for aquaculture.

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General Health Care

Veko prides itself on creating animal health care products that are universal and can be used to improve the health of horses, sheep, companion animals and livestock. Veterinary Dusting Powder brought to you by Veko is suitable for the animals mentioned above for effective control and cure from ticks, lice, fleas and hornflies.

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