Manufacturing Facilities

As per the latest WHO GMP++, PIC/S. guidelines

VeKo, a new entrant in the veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, is planning to cater to the comfort and well-being of animals with prime quality and value added products.

The manufacturing facility will comply with the FDA regulations of various countries and also follow the latest WHO GMP++, PIC/S. guidelines.

Under the strict quality control of these regulations, VeKo is planning to enter into the pharmaceutical market beginning with manufacturing of health care products for companion animals followed by the same for cattle & livestock.

The VeKo team aspires to successfully permeate through 100 countries in the span of 1000 days. This objective will be achieved through a chain of country level distributors, local tie ups and marketing support.

Unit 1

Topical Liquids (Ear drops, Spot on, Pour On, Shampoo, Speciality Wash) & External Powders.

Unit 2

Oral Solids (Granules, Chewable, Flavoured Tablets, Bolus, Powders, Paste)