Below are the job openings. Candidates have to drop their CVs on the and and we shall get back shortly.

Purchase department
QC department:

Multiple openings

Place: Ranjangaon, Pune

PMT Department / Designer
Logistics Department
Stores department:

Place: Ranjangaon, Pune

Production Department:

Multiple openings


Multiple openings

Place: Ranjangaon, Pune

Production manager:

Experience Required: 3+ Years

Should Be FDA approved in external preparations.


Experience Required : 3-5 Years

Regional Sales Manager (for West and South Zone):

Experience Required : 8-12 years

Should have experience in Veterinary Pharmaceuticals especially in companion Animals.

Product Management:

Education requirement: B.V.Sc , MBBS, B.pharma
Experience Required : 5-10 years. Location: Pune

Should have experience in pharmaceutical industry.

Production Officer:

Education requirement: B.Pharm / M. Pharm
Experience Required : 2-3 years in Tablet Section.

Quality Assurance Department:

Education requirement: B.Pharm / M. Pharm
Experience Required : 8 years and above.

Expert in documentation and system, FDA approved in any section

QC Chemist:

Education requirement: M.Sc / M. Pharm / B. Pharm
Experience Required : Minimum 7 years

Minimum 7 years, FDA approval is must

Engineer - Maintenance / Documentation:

Education requirement : Diploma / B.E.
Experience Required : 2-5 years

HR department:

Education requirement : Graduate/LLB/MLS/ MBA
Experience Required : 15- 20 years

Regulatory Department:

Education requirement : B.Pharm/ M. Pharm
Experience Required : 5-8 years