About Us

Caring for Total Animal Well-Being

VeKo Care Pvt. Ltd. is a new venture in pharmaceutical manufacturing catering to the niche area of veterinary pharmaceuticals. We intend on developing exceptional quality and value added products. Our aim is to develop and create a world class manufacturing facility which will comply to the highest standards guided by the WHO GMP++, PIC/S. We are planning to manufacture pharmaceutical products for companion animals, cattle & livestock, poultry, equine and aquatic animals (aquaculture).

Our vision is to provide wholesome care to animals by manufacturing healthcare products from lifestyle to therapeutic medicines. Constant and comprehensive research will add to the quality of our healthcare products. It is our responsibility to provide the best quality healthcare to animals.

Our product range includes Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatory, Antiarthritics, Skin Care, Anthelmintics, Vitamins, Minerals Supplements, Nutritional, Antiulcer, Antiprotozoals, Ectoparasiticides and Feed Supplements.

Our world class manufacturing facility caters to both domestic and international markets; the domestic manufacturing facility is being set up in the industrial zone at Rajangaon, Pune, Maharashtra.